Environmental Test Equipment Specialists

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Environmental Test Chamber and Equipment Specialists

Engineering the best, cost-effective solutions integrating the following environmental test equipment from leading manufacturers:

Russells Technical Products - Environmental Test Chambers

Temperature Chambers, Humidity Chambers, Walk-in Chambers, Drive-in Chambers, Altitude Chambers, Thermal Shock Chambers, Agree Chambers, Ovens, ESS Chambers, LN2/CO2 Chambers, Portable Conditioners, Explosion Proof Class 1 Div 1 Chambers, Explosion Proof Class 1 Div 2 Chambers, Low Temperature Make up air System, Low Temperature Liquid Chillers, & more

L.A.B. Equipment, Inc. - Product & Packaging Test Equipment

Drop Testers, Compression Testers, Mechanical Vibration Shakers, Servo-Hydraulic Shakers, Shock Machines, Incline Impact Testers, Transportation Simulators, Shock & Vibration software, & more

Instrumented Sensor Technology - Shock & Vibration Transportation Recorders

Shock Event Recorders, Vibration Recorders, Packaging Test Recorders, Acceleration Time Histories Recorders, Pressure Recorders, Temperature Recorders, Humidity Recorders, Strain Recorders, Crash Recorders, Transportation Monitoring Recorders, & more

Chart Cryogenic Components Division - LN2 Vacuum Insulated Pipe

LN2 Vacuum Insulated Pipe, LN2/CO2 Bulk Storage Tanks, Vacuum Insulated Valves, Python Multi-Layer Insulated Pipe, Pumps, & more

Vibration Research Inc - Vibration Controllers & Electro-Dynamic Shakers

Vibration Controller featuring Sine, Random, Shock, Field Data Replication (F.D.R.) Sine-on-Random, Random-on-Random, Shock Response Spectrum (SRS), 13 lbs force peak shakers to 500 lbs force peak.

Auto Technology - Salt Fog & Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

Salt Fog Chambers, Cyclic Corrosion Chambers, Multi-Gas Test Chambers, Walk-in Salt Fog Chambers, DI Water Immersion Tanks, Rain/Spray Test Chambers, & more

Environment Associates – Refurbished Test Equipment

Refurbished Electro-Dynamic shaker, Refurbished Temperature Chambers, Refurbished Temperature Humidity Chambers, Refurbished Thermo Shock Chambers, Refurbished Agree Chambers & more

GHI Systems, Inc - Multi-Channel High Speed Transient Recorders

Multi-Channel High Speed Transient Recorders for Capture and Analysis of Shock, Vibration, & Drop Testing. Frequency Domain Spectrum Analyzer (FFT, PSD, Transmissibility, Coherence) Classical Shock, Shock Response Spectrum, Horizontal Shock Machine, Rotary Shock Machine for the Disk Drive Industry, & more

KB Engineering LLC

5720 160th Ave.

West Olive MI 49460

Sales and service, suppliers, and distributors serving the United States, Canada, and Mexico providing Environmental Test Equipment including Temperature Humidity Chambers, Package Testing Equipment, Vibration Controllers, Electrodynamic Shakers, Shock & Vibration Data Recorders, LN2 Vacuum Insulated Pipe Systems, Salt Fog Chambers, Salt Spray Chambers and more.