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KB Engineering offers GHI Systems transient recorders and data acquisition/analysis systems that do it all in recording the results of product and package testing. Capturing and analyzing shock, vibration, strain, pressure, displacement, voltage, current, and more are standard with these systems. WinCat time domain software reads peaks, durations and velocity change integral. It also does low-pass filtering, double integral displacement and triaxial accelerometer resultant vector plots. GHI is a recognized industry leader for diverse testing applications including Shock, Pyro Shock, Package Drop Shock, Shock Response Spectrum (SRS), Random Vibration Analysis, and real time display with Waterfall Plotting, GHI has the tools to meet the most demanding requirements.

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Data Acquisition Systems

Procat 8 Channel Portable Spectrum Analyzer

ProCAT 8 Channel Spectrum Analyzer

GHI's ProCAT Spectrum Analyzer offers a complete suite of Analytical Features and is tailored specifically for the HALT/HASS 6DOF Machine Chamber Monitoring. Applications include Comparison Testing between 6DOF Machines, Table Location, Table to Fixture, Fixture to Test Item and ED Shaker to 6DOF Machines. Additional applications include End Use Environment Measurements and Product Strength & Margins Testing providing multi-location monitoring during Random and/or Sine Excitation.

Additional Data Acquisition Systems Available:

  • Portable LapCAT III System.
  • Mini WinCAT 4 Channel System.
  • Turn-Key or Custom Data Capture Systems.

Data Analysis Software

Wincat Data Capture And Analysis System
Win Srs Shock Response Spectrum Software

WinCat Data Acquisition Software

GHI's WinCAT Data Acquisition System is a powerful, yet simple to use, shock analysis system offered by KB Engineering with 4, 8 or 16 channels including signal conditioning. It's a perfect fit for capturing and analyzing data from GHI's RSM-3, LSM-100 and ESSM as well as high g Shock Machines, Pneumatic Shock Machines, Programmable Shock Machines, Package Drop Tester, Pyro Shock, MIPS Tables, Pendulum Shock Machine and Free Fall Drop Machines.

Additional Data Acquisition Systems Available:

  • WinSRS Shock Response Spectrum Software.
  • WinFFT Spectrum Analysis Software.
  • Mil-Std Tolerance Bar Software.

Velocity Sensors

VS200 300 PC VS Systems

VS200/300 Velocity Sensors

For Measuring:

  • Impact Velocity - Both Pre and Post.
  • Impact Energy & Loss.
  • Materials Restitution.

Velocity Sensor Models:

  • VS200:- Single pass pre impact velocity sensor.
  • VS300: - Dual pass, pre and rebound velocity sensor.
  • PCVS: - PC ISA Slot VS 200/300 electronics sensor.


  • Package Test Machines.
  • Velocity/Energy Calibration.
  • Product Performance Testing.

Shock Testing Machines

ESSM environmental Shock Simulation Machine
ISM 100 Linear Shock Machine

ESSM Environmental Shock Simulation Machine for Drop Testing

This shock simulation machine replicates environmental handling threats that a small handheld product must survive and gauges your product's ability to survive such handling environments. It controls key test variables: product orientation at impact; nature of the impact surface. It maintains orientation to just prior to impact then releases for unrestrained impact while allowing user changeable impact surfaces to better simulate the handing environment. The drop tester includes a channel short transient shock instrumentation system and optionally includes impact velocity measurement and SRS analysis. SRS is the preferred method for high-amplitude, short-duration, shock signals which result from ESSM tests. Additionally, this unique drop shock tester produces identical shock dynamics within the product as those in the environment. It allows you to drop your product onto a surface of your choice from your selected free-fall height with your selected impact orientation. It documents shock amplitudes and impact velocity. As a bonus, it facilitates high speed video for dynamics analysis.

Shock Testing Machines

  • LSM-100 Linear Shock Machine.
  • RSM-3 Rotary Shock Machine.

Rotary Shakers

RVM 1 Rotary Vibration Machine

RVM-1 Rotary Vibration Machine

The GHI Systems Rotary Vibration Machine (RVM-1) is a table-top system that provides sine and random rotational vibration to a product. Its mechanical system is comprised of an electrodynamic actuator, rotational table and stinger interface. The system includes a computer based system for control of vibration input channels which can be configured individually, the average of the two channels or the extremal, which is the highest of the two.

The primary test which this machine conducts is for transportation simulation and its effects on hard disk drive bearings. The drive is mounted on the rotational table such that the platters hub is centered on the table. The table is driven with a predetermined spectrum that simulates the transportation environment.

Additional Rotary Shaker Available:

RVM 3 Rotary Vibration Machine
  • RVM-3 Rotary Vibration Machine

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