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KB Engineering offers the industry standard in vacuum insulated pipe systems, liquid nitrogen(LN2)/CO2 bulk storage tanks, vacuum insulated valves, pumps, and multi-layer insulated pipe from Chart Industries. Chart Industries is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom vacuum insulated pipe (VIP) systems. For over 40 years, Chart has covered the spectrum of industry applications, from heat-leak sensitive helium lines to highly engineered aerospace applications.

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Cryogenic Bulk Storage Tanks
Invar Vacuum Insulated Pipe
Vacuum Iinsulated Withdrawl

These vacuum insulated pipe systems are built in Chart's ISO-9001 approved manufacturing facility. This sophisticated facility shares manufacturing with the tank product lines, giving Chart the resources and flexibility to adjust vacuum insulated pipe manufacturing capacity to market demands, keeping lead times and costs down while maintaining superior product quality. KB's wide product offering of cryogenic pipe and accessories allows us to engineer the optimum system solutions for any liquid cyrogenic application. . KB Engineering can expertly combine the cryogenic products, service, training, and support for your application. Call 1-616-437-1941.

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Cryogenic piping designed to maintain the proper pressure and temperature of CO2, liquid nitrogen and other gases and liquids during the transfer from storage to application.

Complete, Integrated Cryogenic Systems

From vacuum insulated tank and piping components to controls to application equipment, KB Engineering has the experience and expertise to deliver a complete, turnkey cryogenic delivery system.

Turnkey Cryogenic Delivery System

MVIP™ Vacuum Insulated Pipe Applications

Vacuum Insulated Pipe Applications
  • Flexible, efficient piping delivery systems for all your cryogenic liquid needs.
  • Biological Storage and Research
  • Food and Beverage Packaging
  • Aerospace
  • Food Freezing
  • Electronic Manufacturing and Testing
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Modular Vacuum Insulated Pipe (MVIP™) for Normal Pressure Applications - Pro

Pro Vacuum Insulated Pipe

In North America, a MVIP™ Pro modular vacuum insulated pipe can be configured, priced, delivered and installed quickly to meet your liquid industrial gas needs.

Easy: Simple installation with standard modules and quick bayonet connections.

Reliable: Long-term reliability, providing many years of maintenance-free service. MVIP™ Pro won't degrade, drip or leak over time.

High Performance: Thermal efficiency is more than 10 times better than foam insulated pipe.

Modular Vacuum Insulated Pipe (MVIP™) for High Pressure Applications - Python®

Python Vacuum Insulated Pipe

MVIP Python® modular vacuum insulated pipe is the best value in vacuum insulated piping on the market. Python® products provide thermal performance for normal and high pressure applications that far exceeds conventional foam insulation products, takes only a fraction of the space and requires no additional protection against moisture or vapors. External bellows optimize flow of cryogenic liquid. Field welding is required.

Easy: Preconfigured, attractively priced and in inventory.

Adaptable: Wide pressure range, suitable for LN2, LAR, LNG and LCO2.

Performance: Thermal efficiency is more than 10 times better than foam insulated pipe.

Modular Vacuum Insulated Pipe (MVIP™) for Custom Applications - Select

Custom Vacuum Insulated Piping Python
Helium Lines
Vacuum Insulated Pipe Internal Bellows

To meet complex application requirements, the MVIP™ Select platform, are custom engineered, built-to-order vacuum insulated pipe systems. KB's experienced staff is available to guide you through design and price trade-offs to create your best total value while meeting precise cryogenic system requirements.

Ultimate Flexibility: Our five design platforms can be configured to meet your budget, performance and installation parameters. Stainless steel or Invar: Invar, internal bellows, external bellows, helium lines custom Python®.

Capable: From molecular beam epitaxy to deep space temperature simulation, this vacuum insulated pipe is designed to meet your application needs.

High Performance: Our mantra is to protect the molecule by offering the ultimate radiation, convection and conduction performance available.