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KB Engineering is an authorized distributor of L.A.B. Equipment, Inc., recognized for decades as the global leader in the design, manufacturing, and service of package testing equipment. Packaging drop testers, shock testers, hydraulic vibration testers, mechanical vibration, incline impact testers, and through a sister company, Techlab Systems compression testers are available. This packaging test equipment meets many industry test standards including ISTA, ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, and MIL-STD. We are a team-based organization committed to manufacturing quality products on a consistent basis while maintaining a work ethic and attitude directed towards continuous improvement. We're proud to represent L.A.B. for its product quality and reliability. KB can provide the test equipment, service, and training for an array of packaging testing applications. Customer-focused shock and vibration test equipment. Call 1-616-437-1941 to learn more.

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Drop Testers - MAXDROP™ & AccuDrop™ 500

The MAXDROP™ and AccuDrop™ series of precision drop testers represents the ultimate dimension in drop testing and incline impact testing for product and package performance verification. With five models and payload capacities up to 1320 lbs. (600kg), these drop testers provide the ability to match the needs of global markets with a model to meet a wide range of products, facilities, and budget constraints. Also available is a line of release hooks for drop testing extra-extra large and heavy payloads.

MAXDROP™ Series Drop Tester


Standard features

  • Two models: 300KG (660lbs) & 600KG (1320lbs).
  • Drop heights: 36"/900mm for model 600KG, 60"/1500mm for model 300KG.
  • Screw drive lift system.
  • Massive 4 tine support carriage.
  • Accelerated drop thrusts carriage ahead of payload.
  • Meets ISTA, ASTM, and ISO standards.
  • Remote control panel can be located in convenient location.
  • Performs flat, edge and corner drops.
  • International power configurations.

Optional features

  • Safety fence.
  • CE compliance.
  • Enlarged base plate.
  • Non-standard voltage.
  • Test Lab Professional data acquisition system.

AccuDrop™ 500 Drop Tester

AccuDrop™ Drop Tester

Standard features

  • 500 lbs (227 kg) maximum payload capacity 42" (1067 mm) deep, package size.
  • Hand-held pendant switch.
  • 1 to 30" (25.4 mm to 762 mm) drop height.
  • 30" (762 mm) deep, package size.
  • Meets ISTA, ASTM, and ISO standards.
  • Massive, three-tined support carriage.
  • Exclusive tine style platen lifts.
  • Adjustable package positioning bracket.
  • Versatile carriage assembly.

Optional features

  • Extended drop height.
  • Safety fence.
  • Wooden base plate.
  • CE compliance.
  • Enlarged base plate.
  • Non-standard voltage.
  • Enlarged package support tines.
  • Test Lab Professional data acquisition system.

Incline Impact Testers

Incline Drop Tester

Incline Impact testers are used to simulate the handling of crates, palletized loads, and rail car carriers. Several sizes are available for testing palletized loads and single products up to 12,000 lbs. (5,454 kg). A complete line of impact recording instrumentation will provide you with the qualitative results and documentation required to verify the perfomance of your product or packaged system.


  • L.A.B. offers standard models of 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 pounds. Extended payloads up to 12,000 pounds available.
  • Backstops (impact walls) range from 4 x 4 feet up to 10 x 10 feet.
  • Dolly sizes of 48 x 48 inches up to 108 x 108 inches.
  • Maximum velocity 8 ft/sec (2.4 m/sec).

Optional Velocity Meter 1000VM available

Vibration Testing Equipment - VibraTest™ Series Mechanical Vibration

L.A.B. Mechanical Shaker

Purpose - lost cost mechanical shaker for testing products and components to in-service vibration conditions between 8 to 60Hz. Maximum acceleration to 3.2G is standard, up to 10G optionally.

Standard features

  • Windows XP™ Advance Machine Control AMC+(PC not included).
  • Perform to AGREE testing requirements.
  • Self contained, built-in air isolation system.
  • Manually adjustable vibratory displacement.
  • No special foundation required.
  • Frequency adjustable between 8-60Hz.
  • Many table sizes to choose from.

Optional features

  • Insulated table top.
  • Casters.
  • Height Risers.
  • Track.
  • Diaphragm Support Brackets.
  • 10 G Rating.
  • Non-Standard Voltage.
  • CE Compliance.
  • Stainless Steel Drip Pan.

V - Series™ Transportation Simulators

V-Series Package Transportation Simulator

Standard features

  • Rotary (Synchronous) Motion (Standard).
  • Digital LCD Speed Display.
  • Digital Timer w/ Test Settings & Expiration.
  • Infinitely Variable Frequency Adjustment throughout the 2-5 Hz Range.
  • Adjustable High Back Fences.
  • Low Front Fences.
  • Conveniently Mounted Standard Controls.
  • Movable Floor Stand.
  • Motor Controls Pre-Wired Per Customer Specifications.
  • Hard Decking for Excellent Wear Resistance
  • 100# - 400# & 2000# - 8000# Capacity

Optional features

  • Non-Synchronous Motion (N/S).
  • Vertical Linear Motion (V/L).
  • Non-Standard Voltage.
  • Expanded Table.
  • CE compliant.

Mechanical Shock Machines - Free Fall Test Systems

SD16 Drop Shocker Tester
SD10 Drop Shock Machine
SD10 Drop Shock Machine - Close-Up

In today's world, products and packaging are required to withstand an extensive amount of testing before reaching the distribution environment. Often, many products are subjected to a specific test standard that requires the shock test and for products to survive various shock levels in an operating environment requires in-house testing of products during design and evaluation stages. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.'s SD-series of mechanical free-fall test systems produces accurate and repeatable half-sine, squarewave and sawtooth pulses in accordance with military and industry specifications.

SD Series

Standard features

  • High performance carriage.
  • Fail-safe rebound brakes.
  • Full safety guard system.
  • Self- contained shock dampening system.

Optional features

  • Half - sine programmers
  • Low impulse kit.
  • Square wave programmers.
  • Terminal peak sawtooth programmers.
  • Automatic cycle counter
  • Dual mass shock amplifier
  • Fixturing

DAS-105 Data Acquisition System with SRS

DAS-105 Data Acquisition System

The need for products to survive various shock levels in an operating environment requires in-house testing of products during design and evaluation stages. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.'s Shock Test systems produces accurate and repeatable half sine, squarewave, and sawtooth pulses in accordance with military and industry specifications. All DAS systems come standard with a Triax Accelerometer.

Compression Testing Machines - Box Compression Testers

MiniVal compression tester

Solutions for Board, Packaging, Pulp and Paper Testing

The MiniVal™ , Validator™, Validator™Plus and VAL™series box compression testers have become the industry standard for determining the ultimate compression resistance and long-term stacking strength of individual boxes, bulk containers and pallets. Compressive force levels are available from 2,200 lbf. (9,785 N) to 50,000 lbf. (222,400N). The Validator™ is easily integrated with the extremely intuitive LYNX ™ software program for control, data acquisition and analysis.

According to international standards: ISO 12048 - DIN EN 22872 - TAPPI T 804 - FEFCO 50 - AFNOR H 13001 - ISTA.