Shock and Vibration Recorders for Package Testing - Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST)


KB Engineering is proud to offer shock recorders and vibration recorders for dynamic package testing plus from Instrumented Sensor Technology, a company synonymous with data acquisition. These recorders range from low cost shock detectors and shock & vibration loggers to full-featured shock & vibration waveform recorders. Additionally, our partner IST, specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of acceleration data loggers, low cost portable accelerometers, angular rate sensors, along with other high quality testing products. Any of these shock and vibration recorders, loggers or monitors can be custom engineered to meet your requirements. KB Engineering can expertly provide the recorders and software, service, training, and support for your application. Call 1-616-437-1941.

Sample Recorders:

EDR-3C & EDR-3D - Shock, Vibration & Environmental Recorders

EDR 3C Shock Vibration Environmental Recorder

The EDR-3C is a portable impact, shock and vibration full waveform recorder and has a built-in triaxial accelerometer that's designed to measure shock, vibration, temperature and (as an option) humidity, pressure, or resistance-bridge devices. The programmable unit tags all acceleration events with a time and date to provide a time history of the dynamic environment experienced during a recording session. The EDR-3C series shock recorders offer a time-tested reputation for proven performance and reliability with hundreds of successful installations since the mid 90s. The EDR-3C series recorder operates similarly and differs primarily in programmability features, on-board memory and channel capacities. Each recorder is powered by a specially designed C-Cell battery pack (9 Volt optional.)

Recorder Features:

  • Measures Shock, Vibration & Temperature
  • Options for Humidity, Pressure, Strain, Load, Full Waveform, Time History Recording and More
  • Download via USB or high speed serial
  • Built-in piezoresistive Tri-axial Accelerometer
  • Continuous recording from minutes to hours depending on memory & sample rate
  • Triggered recording up to several months or monger
  • 5,291 "event" memory capacity
  • All events date/time stamped
  • Patented IST Sliding Window Overwrite (SWO) memory mode
  • Fully programmable sample rates, triggering, event lengths, memory modes
  • Up to 6 High-Speed Accelerometer channels
  • External input channel options for PE voltage mode accelerometers
  • Precision Low Noise accelerometers, DC response
  • Full scale g ranges from 2g to 500g
  • Sampling Frequency to 3.2 kHz/channel
  • Triggering: threshold, time-interval, time-delayed, time at level, external input, manual and networked
  • Automatic Offset Correction (for DC accelerations, Bridge Balancing)
  • Vibration Controller Compatibility for Field Data Replication, PSD Profiles
  • Battery powered continuous recording to 30+ Days , 60+ Days with New "Powersave" feature
  • Memory nonvolatile to 6+ months
  • Pre-trigger and post-trigger programmability- never misses anything
  • Extremely rugged: 500g+ shock fragility
  • Small Size: 37 cu in, 2.2 lb.
  • Powerful Windows NT/2000/XP/7 Software Included.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use.

Typical Applications:

The EDR-3C series shock and vibration recorders have been designed for applications that require remote, unattended monitoring and recording of shock and vibration data over long periods of time. Their ultra-small size and weight, combined with their extraordinary recording and programmability features make them ideal for applications where space and weight come at a premium. Since human monitoring during recording is not required, personnel cost associated with the field testing using the EDR-3C recorders can be reduced significantly. The instruments also provide a high degree of operational reliability under harsh environmental test conditions.

Specific applications of the EDR-3C/3D include:

  • Intermodal Transport Studies
  • High-Value Transport Monitoring
  • Vibration Test Spec. Development
  • Avionics Environmental Reliability
  • Concealed Monitoring
  • Package Test Shipments
  • Railcar Impact and Vibration
  • Crash Recording
  • Aircraft Flight Vibration
  • Brake Testing
  • Environmental Test Level Qualifications
  • Amusement ride measurements
  • Ground vibration monitoring
  • Accident reconstruction
  • In-Use Environments
  • Structural Seismic Measurements

The EDR-3C recorder is used in conjunction with IST's DynaMax Suite Software programs and downloads the EDR-3C's memory to a PC using USB or high speed serial commmunications. Together, the EDR-3C and the DynaMax software program provide a powerful tool for accurately recording and analyzing dynamic environments.

Measure Your Environmental Testing Accurately:

DynaMax Suite makes a giant leap forward in field-data collection. This software is by far the most advanced, feature packed package of its kind in the industry. Not only are there more analysis tools then ever before, but the use of these tools simpler too.

Dynamax Software Screen Views

There are different classes of Dynamax software packages that are available are used to set up the recorder, download the data after the test, and analyze the data. Each software package also is designed to enable exporting of the data for use with outside systems such as a vibration controller, scientific analysis software package, spreadsheet, or word processing program.

SnapShock Plus, Series Acceleration Recorders - Models SSP-2000-1D, SSP-4000-1D, SSP-4000-3D

Snapshock Shock Impact Recorder

The SnapShock Plus (SSP) accelerometer, serves as an impact indicator and transportation data recorder. This acceleration recorder is compact, battery powered and records peak acceleration including impact, vibration and shock. The new generation devices offer several improved capabilities over the standard Snap Shock accelerometer model. In addition to measuring peak-g shock levels with a built-in accelerometer sensor, the SSP also measures and records shock duration and velocity change (measure of shock energy) for all events which exceed user defined thresholds. In addition the SSP is now available in tri-axial version referred to as the SnapShock Plus/3D (SSP/3D)acceleration data logger / impact & transportation data recorder.

Each instrument measures and records the peak acceleration levels to which it is exposed along with shock duration and velocity change, and the exact date and time of occurrence. The user may specify recording thresholds in g-level, as well as velocity change, so that only those events which exceed g-level and velocity change thresholds of interest are actually recorded into permanent memory. The SSP acceleration data recorder series utilize a low power design, enabling operation for weeks at a time while running on a single 9-volt battery.


  • Self Contained Acceleration Event, Date, Time Recorder
  • Single Axis and Tri-axial Accelerometer Models
  • Full Scale g-measurement ranges from +/- 2g to 2,000g +
  • Measures & Records Peak Shock Level, Duration, Velocity Change (energy), Date & Time
  • Programmable G-Trigger Levels
  • Programmable Velocity-Change Trigger Levels
  • IST Patented Functionality
  • Drop Height Measurement Mode for Package Test Shipments
  • Stores up to 5900 Readings
  • Rugged, Water-Resistant Housing
  • Mode Cycle Push-Button for Easy Manual Activation/De-activation
  • Battery-Powered, 8 to 30 + Day Operation
  • Very Small Size: 1.5"x3.2"x1.5", 7oz.
  • Built-In Piezoresistive Accelerometer
  • Excellent Low Frequency Response
  • Automatic Offset Correction
  • Programmable Low Pass Filters
  • 12 Bit A/D for Improved Accuracy
  • 1200 Hz Digitization Rate
  • Setup & Data Download via wireless IR & USB.
  • Windows DynaMax 98/NT/Me/2000/XP/W7 Setup & Analysis Software