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Between new and used equipment, lies "refurbished". KB Engineering, for over 16 years, has been a preferred, single-source supplier of hundreds of high-quality reconditioned/rebuilt environmental test chambers. We have a reputation for fast delivery and low prices that you would expect in a top reconditioned test equipment company. Many years of knowledge and expertise go along with each chamber that we sell to help you get the "right" test equipment for your needs. Russells Technical Products, Thermotron, Espec, Envirotronics, Tenney, Ransco and many more of the finest environmental test equipment manufacturers are available at prices well below that of new systems. Our test equipment can be rented, if you only need to run a few tests, or on lease-to-own terms on a wide range of equipment.


As Close to New As Possible

Each refurbished unit is serviced by a technician with many years of experience. All test equipment for sale is reconditioned, inside and out, including all new controllers, refrigeration components, electrical relays and systems, fan motors, and more. Each test chamber is throughly and rigorously tested and then repainted prior to shipment by a professional machine painter. All test equipment includes a parts and labor warranty and should the need arise, we have a competent service staff to ensure that equipment is always running smoothly. Our extensive inventory includes a full spectrum of test chambers from benchtops to walk-ins to service your needs in temperature, space simulation, humidity, altitude, and more. We guarantee your satisfaction in all KB environmental test equipment sales.

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  • Standard temperature and humidity test chambers from 8 to 64 cubic feet.
  • Benchtop temperature test chambers.
  • Benchtop temperature-humidity chambers.
  • Reach-in temperature chambers.
  • Temperature-altitude chambers.
  • Thermal shock chambers.
  • AGREE chambers.
  • Thermal vacuum chambers.
  • Walk-in test chambers.
  • Electrodynamic shakers.
  • Vibration testing equipment.
  • Ovens.